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  • Pension Scheme Closed
    Saving for your retirement is increasingly important these days and with an aging population we can no longer afford to hope that the state pension will supply us with a satisfactory retirement income. Despite being crucial to our comfort during retirement, pensions can seem a long way off and not everybody takes the time to ensure they can provide for themselves on leaving work.
  • Pension Calculator
    A pension is a form of savings account which provides people with a regular income, usually after retirement. The minimum age at which one can retire and take benefits from their pension is 55. Pension plans may be set up by an employer, an insurance company, the government or other institutions such as employer associations or trade unions.
  • SIPP Pension Investments
    A new trend that is fast becoming popular is to purchase overseas property using a SIPP personal pension fund. SIPP investments are a great way to create long term fixed assets as well as ensure a regular income over a long period of time.